Bienvenidos a Molli Sauces!

Leticia and I (Rodrigo) founded Molli Sauces in 2013 to make it easy for anyone to enjoy the incredible flavors of Mexico at home.

As you probably know, it takes more than just mixing a bunch of ingredients in a blender to get to the great tasting flavors of Mexico. You have to start with a recipe that has been passed down by generations; use real ingredients; follow the traditional cooking methods; and take your time, because, great tasting Mexican food can’t be rushed.

Each Molli Sauce is made according to a traditional recipe, using real ingredients, and following the traditional cooking methods; so you can enjoy the incredible flavors of the different regions of Mexico at home, without spending hours in the kitchen.

We honor the recipes that have been passed down by generations, use a unique blend of ingredients and chile peppers, and we follow the artisanal cooking techniques to replicate the true flavors of Mexico for you. Hope you enjoy them!


Leticia Castellanos & Rodrigo Salas

Our Team

SebastianMolli Master Cook
Sebastian has 2 years of experience cooking for Molli. He likes to jump in his trampoline and play soldiers. He is passionate about World War II.
Favorite dish: Tostadas
Rodrigo Salas
Rodrigo SalasCo-Founder
Rodrigo has 20 years of experience working in multi-national CPG companies, leading food brands. He is passionate about food; particularly, about Mexican food.
His favorite dish is: Tacos
Leticia Castellanos
Leticia CastellanosCo-Founder
Leticia has 20 years of experience leading strategy, marketing and product innovation.
Her favorite dish: Enchiladas
Kualli Foods, Inc. is a company that manufactures great-tasting, nutritious and authentic Mexican food. Kualli Foods’ first product line is Molli, cooking sauces and marinades that bring true Mexican flavors to American tables.
True Mexican food that tastes great
People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Products: Bring high quality, wholesome and healthy products that anticipate and satisfy our customers’ desires and needs.

Partners: Develop a winning network of customers and suppliers, and create mutual, enduring value.

Our promise is to bring delicious, nutritious, wholesome and real Mexican-inspired products to your kitchen. We have high standards and our goal is to sell the highest quality products we possibly can.

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