These summer recipes are fast so you can spend more time having fun!

Queso fundido with spicy chorizo



Queso fundido with spicy chorizo made with Mölli Mexico City cooking sauce.
A classic taqueria dish. You can eat it with chips, or in tacos with corn or flour tortillas.



Stewed cactus paddles



Stewed cactus paddles made with Mölli Veracruz cooking sauce
Full of nutrients and flavor! Eat them as a snack, salad, side or as a main dish in tacos.



Spicy Cucumber cups



Spicy cucumber cups with roasted nuts made with Mölli Culiacan chamoy sauce.
This refreshing, great looking and delicious snack will conquer more than one heart (and stomach).



Mexican beef, pork bacon burger



Oaxacan Beef, Pork and Bacon Cheeseburger made with Mölli Oaxaca marinade.
Yep, that’s a thing, and it’s utterly delicious!




Grilled pork poc chuc



Yucatecan Grilled Pork made with Mölli Yucatan mojo marinade.
Also called Poc Chuc, a traditional recipe from Yucatan (duh!) that is like no other. Sweet, spicy and tangy. Simply delicious!




acapulco inspired crab cakes



Acapulco-inspired Crab cakes made with Mölli Acapulco marinade.
An incredible Acapulco-Maryland mash up that delivers all the flavors from both coasts.